Getting Started

We all want to do better – by our children, our community our world.  And yet there often seems to be so many forces  at work to hinder us in the quest to live better.  To even understand what that truly means is a quest in itself, given that we are so completely saturated with the message that to live well means to be an excellent consumer!  Although consuming is part of what we do, after all we are mammals in a food chain and need to consume to live, the marketplace has learned how to sell our creativity and manipulate our basic consumer drive. The result?  We have unleashed upon the world the most consuming creature of all time – modern Homo sapiens var. megaconsumer!

What can we do?  We are like flies caught in an elaborate web, and when we squirm we get even further entangled.  But worse, it is like a web that tastes good or gives us pleasure all the while reducing us to simple prey.

It isn’t easy to change, or even to understand what changes should be made.  We do know, though, that change must happen.  H.sapiens var. megaconsumer is pushing the limits of nature, as well as becoming overly dependent on vulnerable systems that will not withstand nature’s power over time.

Ecologics is the culmination of a personal quest to find a way to live better even while acknowledging the stickiness of the web we find ourselves caught in.  We don’t have all the answers, and haven’t found anyone who does yet, but we are finding that in the act of many of us looking for better ways those better ways become more apparent and more possible.  It feels like we are making our own web that gains its strength from many people working towards, and helping each other, towards similar goals.  Ecologics was formed to provide assistance at a personal and community level to building a more resilient, thriving, reconnected pattern of living that will sustain us on into the future.


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